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About Us

             We are a very small veteran owned company, located in Akron, Ohio, and                  dedicated to providing innovative, top quality products at a reasonable cost to the fly fishing industry. You may correctly assume that Akron is not the center of the fishing universe, but it was the home of the original fishing tackle company in the United States (Pfleuger), the Jitterbug and Hula Popper (Arbogast), and the rubber worm to name a few local connections. More importantly, it is a major center of technical expertise, advanced engineering, and a work force familiar with precision manufacturing. This allows us to produce what we believe are the highest  quality, reasonably priced furled leaders and lines on the market, all proudly handcrafted in the USA.

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We are the only manufacturer of "Double Furled" products worldwide. Our furled leaders offer you the thinnest, densest, most balanced construction possible, to provide the ultimate in performance.

Our advertising is not slick, and our packaging is not perfect, because we prefer to do everything we can in-house, so that our money might be spent on maintaining the quality and improving the performance of our current products, while developing new ones.

Our goal is not to produce “perfect” products, since we don’t presume to be able to define that, but rather to make sure that what we manufacture is as technically advanced and as flawless as possible.

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We leave it to you, our customers, to determine if we have achieved our goal.

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